Darker Sounds Sample Pack Volume 7

from Hefty

Darker Sounds Sample Pack Volume 7 is the latest installment of the quintessential Darker Sounds series. The largest pack yet, this volume transports you to the faraway remnants of an abandoned interstellar outpost, cloaked in eternal darkness and lost on the edge of space and time.

Featuring a massive 1 GIG collection of expertly textured effects, loops and vocals curated by label-head Hefty himself, this volume is an essential addition to your toolkit and is perfect to use for live performance or in the studio.

Product features:

* 124 FX - Ominous, droning, foreboding.......
* 138 Loops - Industrial, mechanical, hypnotic, layered, relentless........
* 67 Vocals - Serial Killer style, gritty, apocalyptic, damning.......
* 35 Vocal FX - Mysterious, mind bending, sinister...........
* Over 1 GIG in size
* 24 bit high quality samples
* 100% Dark - 100% Unique - 100% Royalty Free!!!!

The link to download the sample pack will be sent to your payment email address!

DEMOS OF THE PACK CONTENTS CAN BE FOUND HERE - soundcloud.com/ds-sample-pack-demos/sets/darker-sounds-sample-pack-volume-7-demos

  £30 GBP or more 



Hefty London, UK

Purveyor of the darkest techno, minimal and progressive.

Booking Info - nielson@ragnarok-berlin.io

Contact - Heftytechno@gmail.com

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